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Notre Mission

Our mission is to meaningfully and sustainably connect beverage producers of remarkable character with enthusiastic consumers. We raise brands' profiles, methodically grow sales, and drive bottom-lines, to enable producers to focus on what actualizes them most, their passion, pleasure, and craft.

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Record d'Excellence

Loiret Group prides itself on the success of its clients and the visibility of their products. Along those lines, our team's track record of placements include the following Michelin Starred Restaurants.

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Core Values

We are relentlessly inquisitive, uncompromisingly committed, and unyieldingly authentic to our clients' brands. We are a team of entrepreneurs, achievers, champions, believers, who seek to build long lasting relationships grounded on trust with likeminded clients. Our clients' interests always lay at the forefront of our work, and our clients' success is the best driver of ours. We are Loiret. 


Consultation Réorientée

We operate as an extension of our clients, integrating personalized consulting, objective analyses, and world-class talent, to germinate and cultivate growth opportunities our clients were previously unaware of. Just as our clients methodically develop their products, we painstakingly craft targeted marketing and sales campaigns that help clients blossom bright, best-in-class, brands, alongside them.

Building Brands that Matter

Beverage marketing is a perennial endeavor. Akin to raising grapes, our process begins by conceptualizing and laying our clients' brand architecture, the proverbial root stock, that will thrive amidst ever-evolving market conditions. Upon that foundation, we articulate their brand voice, craft omni-platform marketing strategies, and activate campaigns, to enhance entrenchment for beverage makers and engagement with target tasters.

Bleeding-Edge Sales Strategy

Our full-service sales approach enables us to deploy bleeding-edge sales strategies, end-to-end, to accelerate value creation at virtually every touchpoint. From securing product distribution and establishing long-term DtC sales channels, to in-depth key performance indicator benchmarking and realization, we shepherd clients' go-to-market strategy, grow points of distribution, and calibrate our approach to maximize positioning relative to competitors.

Want a fresh take on a timeless product?

If you're interested in accelerating your sales growth, let's work together. We reinvigorate old world and new world products alike, and are ready to shepherd your brand to immediate and long-term success. Feel free to fill out our contact form, or reach us per the contact information below. We look forward to getting started.

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